Tripp Lite UPS Systems provide complete power protection because they support critical loads during power failures while protecting against brownouts, surges and line noise. We offer an extensive selection of UPS systems to ensure you get a perfectly tailored solution for your precise application.

SmartOnline UPS

Ideal for mission-critical servers

  • 750-30,000VA
  • Hardwired Options
  • Extended Runtime
  • 3-Phase and Hot-Swappable Models
  • Intelligent True On-Line Operation
  • Rackmount and Tower Cabinets
  • Pure Sine Wave/Zero Transfer Time

SmartPro UPS

Ideal for servers

  • 500-5,000VA
  • Rackmount and Tower Cabinets
  • Medical-Grade and Digital Models
  • Intelligent Line-Interactive Operation
  • Extended Runtime Options

OmniSmart UPS

Ideal for workstations and small servers

  • 300-1,400VA
  • Tower Cabinets
  • Line-Interactive Operation
  • Medical-Grade and Digital and Full Isolation Models

Digital UPS

Ideal for PCs, workstations, small servers and home entertainment equipment

  • 650-1500VA
  • Rack/Tower Cabinets
  • Basic Line-Interactive Operation
  • Rotatable LCD Display

Audio/Video UPS

Ideal for all audio/video applications: TVs, receivers/players, PVRs, media center PCs and more

  • 850-1,500VA
  • Tower/Console and Low-Profile Cabinets
  • Standby and Line-Interactive Operation


Ideal for PCs, workstations and small servers

  • 550-1,500VA
  • Extended Runtime Option
  • Basic Line-Interactive Operation
  • Tower and Low-Profile Cabinets

Internet Office UPS

Ideal for PCs, modems and all peripherals

  • 300-750VA
  • Standby Operation
  • Tower, Low-Profile and Under-Monitor Cabinets

BC Series UPS

Ideal for PCs

  • 300-1,400VA
  • Standby Operation
  • Tower and Low-Profile Cabinets

TE Series UPS

Ideal for telecom applications

  • 600-1,200VA
  • Standby Operation
  • Tower Cabinets
  • Extended Runtime