Shield Connected Equipment From Damaging Surges

Tripp Lite Surge Suppressors are designed to be your equipment's best line of defense against damage due to surges, spikes and line noise. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and protection levels to perfectly match your application.

Isobar Surge Suppressors

Premium surge protection with more than 16 million in use worldwide

  • Up to 12 Outlets
  • The World's Most Trusted Premium Surge Suppressor
  • Exclusive Isolated Filter Banks; All-Metal Housings
  • Telephone/Modem/Coaxial Line Surge Protection Options
  • Strip, Rackmount, Under-Monitor and Direct Plug-In Models Available

Protect It! Surge Suppressors

State-of-the-art protection for every application

  • Up to 10 Outlets
  • Premium Features at Affordable Prices
  • Highest Joule Rating in Their Class —up to 3690
  • Telephone/Modem/Coaxial/Ethernet Line Surge Protection Options
  • Strip, Multimedia, Direct Plug-In and In-Line Models Available


Rugged, Safe Surge Suppression for Industrial, Automotive and Factory Environments

  • Up to 8 outlets
  • All-metal housings with safety yellow color
  • Up to 3600 Joules of Surge Protection
  • Cord wrap with hang holes on select models
  • Include outlet safety covers

Audio/Video Surge Suppressors

Premium Surge and Line Noise Protection for Audio/Video Components

  • Up to 10 AC Outlets
  • Advanced Filtering Circuitry Delivers a Crystal Clear Signal to All Components
  • Up to 5700 Joules of Surge Suppression
  • Telephone/Modem/Coaxial/Ethernet Line Surge Protection Options

Waber-by-Tripp Lite Surge Suppressors

Heavy-duty commercial/industrial surge products

  • Up to 24 AC Outlets
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Housing Designed for Commercial/Industrial Environments
  • Up to 600 Joules of Surge Suppression
  • Lighted On/Off Switches; Mounting Keyhole Slots

Network Surge Suppressors

Surge protection for every network interface

  • Premium Connectors with Gold-Plated Contacts
  • The Best Surge-Clamping Levels Available
  • High-Speed Avalanche Diodes

Surge Suppressors With Hospital-Grade Plug & Receptacles

Ideal Surge Protection for Healthcare Environments

  • Up to 6 Outlets
  • Up to 600 Joules of Surge Protection
  • NEMA 5-15RHG Receptacles
  • NEMA 5-15PHG Plug
  • 15-ft. Input Cord