MDV-DL MDV Series 59” Video Desk

The Middle Atlantic MDV-DL provides a larger alternative to the MDV-DSK straight desk, as well as more choices for optional equipment racks.

MDV-CNR1 MDV Series Overbridge Corner Desk

The Middle Atlantic MDV-CNR1 Economical Corner Desk includes a one piece overbridge that is user-configurable in three ways.

MDV-CNR3 MDV Series Multi Overbridge Corner Desk

The Middle Atlantic MDV-CNR3 Corner Desk includes a three piece overbridge specifically designed to accommodate mixers with tall meter bridges. The overbridge center section is user-configurable two ways.

MDV-DSK MDV Series 2 RackBay Straight Desk

The Middle Atlantic MDV-DSK 2 RackBay Straight Desk includes an overbridge that is user-configurable two ways. Overbridge provides 7" inside height clearance.