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Home Office, Home Theatre, Home Entertainment, Home Networking, Home Security, Home Technology - the definition of home is evolving. We expect more from our residences now than ever before, and a host of new words and concepts are entering our collective vocabulary to reflect that change. The wired home, once a novelty, has become essential - providing crucial access to advances such as high-speed internet, digital television and data networking. Advances that are becoming vital to functioning in the digital age. The challenge lies in creating an infrastructure that works with the systems already in a home, one that anticipates technological advances and lays the groundwork for the whole-house media system of the future. One that incorporates high-tech solutions such as category-rated cabling and components, and opens the door to future possibilities.

The answer lies in the Structured Media System from Leviton. Structured Media Systems use an advanced, standards-compliant star topology to create one central convergence point in your home for all media and home electronics distribution. Simply run cables from individual rooms to one of a variety of Structured Media Centers, and use Leviton's innovative selection of modules and panels to manage and distribute audio, video, voice and data in the configuration best suited to a home's needs. Select one of the simple pre-configured panels, or create a customized set of modules to perfectly match your individual requirements.

Systems incorporate video distribution modules that support cable modems, HDTV, digital subscriber lines (DSL), digital satellite systems (DSS), whole house audio solutions, Ethernet Hubs to support high-speed PCs, advanced telephone networking systems, security cameras, and systems, integration with Home Control Systems and more.

Use Leviton's Structured Media System to manage existing and emerging technologies in your home and establish a modular infrastructure for future innovations that will not only increase your home's current value, but ensure its long-term viability. Choose Structured Media Systems from Leviton.

Structured Media Centers

14 inch Structured Media® Enclosures
14" Structured Media® Enclosures, Covers & Doors

These 14" professional-grade whole-house media enclosure creates one distribution point in the home for all low voltage cables. The 14" Structured Media Enclosure is ideal for condos and apartments or more modest homes requiring limited audio/video/voice and data configurations.

28 inch Structured Media® Enclosures
28" Structured Media® Enclosures, Covers & Doors

This 28" Structured Media enclosure can comfortably accommodate up to 12 different Distribution Modules, depending on selection and density and is designed to incorporate a hospital-grade power quality module for maximum protection from line surges.

42 inch Structured Media® Enclosures
42" Structured Media® Enclosures, Covers & Doors

Leviton's 42" Structured Media enclosure can handle fax, Internet, multi-line telephones, security camera, coaxial cable and satellite video distribution, and audio distribution.

47602-24E Media Versatile Panel

Media Versatile Panel

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Leviton 47602-24E Media Versatile™ Panel with 3/4" plywood backing features an open architecture for consolidating low voltage electronics and distribution components for phone, fax/modem, data, home net-working, audio, video and home control.

Recessed Boxes
Recessed Boxes

Recessed Single-Gang Receptacles
Supplies AC power for two components (flat panel TVs and video receiver)
Recessed Dual-Gang Duplex Receptacle with Six QuickPort® Openings
Centralizes connection points for AC power, audio, video, data, and phone
Recessed Entertainment Box
Afforable solution manages home theater electronics in a single location

Compact Structured Media® MDU Enclosure
Compact Structured Media® MDU Enclosure

The Compact Structured Media Enclosure is designed to deliver a compact distribution point for basic telephone and video to multi-unit buildings. The unique modular design is made from ABS molded plastic and consists of two plastic parts – a cover and a box – that snap together.

Audio/Video Components

47690-8C 1x8 Passive Video Splitter Module (1 GHz)

1x8 Passive Video Splitter Module (1 GHz)

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Use the Leviton 47690-8C 8-way Coaxial Cable Distribution Module to split digital cable, quality cable TV and off-air antenna signals to 8 televisions throughout the home or office.

47690-C2 Series Passive Video Splitter Module (2.05 GHz)
47690-C2 Series

Passive Video Splitter Module (2.05 GHz)

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Use the Leviton 47690-C2 Series 6- and 8-way Coaxial Cable Distribution Modules to split digital cable, quality cable TV and off-air antenna signals to 6 or 8 televisions throughout the home or office.

Voice, Data & TV Panels
Voice, Data & TV Panels

Designed for use in the Leviton Series 140, 280 and 420 Structured Media® Panels, these Leviton Voice, Data, and TV Panels allow telephone, data, and video to be routed throughout the home from one simple panel. It's a flexible solution available in many different configurations – modules and expansion boards can easily be added as requirements change.

QuickPort® Modules and Wallplates
QuickPort® Modules and Wallplates

CAT-5e and CAT-6 QuickPort® snap-in connectors, QuickPort® wall plates, and surface mount QuickPort® boxes deliver the high quality signals that are required for today's technologies with Leviton's line of A/V (audio/video) connectivity solutions. Connectors and adapters come in dozens of styles from QuickPort® HDMI® S-video, and BNC to RCA, F-Type, and many more.

AC Power Modules and J-Box Kits
AC Power Modules and J-Box Kits

Leviton's AC Power Modules and J-Box Kits provide power to the distribution modules from within Leviton's Series 140, 280 or 420 Structured Media® Centers. The AC Power Modules feature two 15 Amp duplex receptacles and the J-Box Kits feature one 15 Amp duplex receptacle.

Leviton Architectural Edition powered by JBL
Leviton Architectural Edition® powered by JBL®

JBL studio monitors have the reputation for incorporating the most advanced audio materials, technologies and precision engineering available. Many of these same features and technologies are built into selected models in the Leviton Architectural Edition Powered by JBL series audio equipment. Whatever the application, when the specs call for JBL In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers, the performance is guaranteed to bring a new meaning to the phrase "home entertainment".

Spec-Grade Sound™ Indoor and Outdoor Speakers
Spec-Grade Sound™ Indoor and Outdoor Speakers

Leviton's new Spec-Grade Sound™ indoor and outdoor speakers take installed home audio to a new level in both technical innovation and value. With features and technologies equal to the highest-rated brands, they offer identical performance but at a price that works for the contracting and residential construction business.