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C-0215 Home Office Module

Home Office Module

The 2 Way RF and 4 110/RJ45's Splitter Module combines high-speed data, phone, fax and cable modem access all in one module, leaving space in your Structured Wiring Enclosure for additional modules or devices. Simple 110 punch-down connectors let your wire phone lines and data connections to any port. Since the RJ45 and 110 punchdown connectors are compatible with cat. 5e cable, you can use this module to distribute data lines. One coax in port splits an incoming cable signal for high-speed cable modem service and CATV distribution. The C-0215 easily mounts into Channel Vision's structured wiring enclosures using push and lock pins.

  • 2 way RF and cable modem splitter and 4 110/RJ45's data, phone, fax and teleconferencing to 4 individual ports to complete home office
  • Option of 4 CO lines, 1 data connection, up to 4 fax lines, DSL service or network connection for other computers in the house
  • 110 terminal inputs, vertical RJ-45 outputs
  • Cat 5E compatible
  • TIA/EIA-568A and TIA 570 compliant
  • RF input compatible 5-1000MHz, 130dB RFI
  • All ports modem, DC and IR passing


Home Office Module- 2-way RF and 4 110/RJ45's Cable/Modem Splitter

Lashen's Price: $ 46.34