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C-0301 1 Input Modulator with Bracket

1 Input Modulator with Bracket

Channel Vision's 1-Input Modulator With Bracket is designed to distribute a modulated channel of an incoming video source such as security cameras, VCRs, DVDs or other video/audio appliances. To enhance the performance of the C-0301, the unit should be combined with Channel Vision products such as passive splitters, HS-6 and HS-8, or powered distribution systems, CVT-2/8WB. Combining various distribution options with the E1200 allows the combination of CATV or off-air signals to be sent with the output of the C-0301, creating a total RF distribution system of incoming services and inhouse created channels to every room with the system.

  • 1 input modulator with bracket
  • 25dBmV output
  • Wide channel range cable, 65-135 (excluding 95-99)
  • UHF 14-78
  • Push button channel selector
  • Non volatile memory
  • Unaffected by voltage brownouts
  • Video input level adjustment


E1200 1 Input Modulator with Bracket

Lashen's Price: $ 85.25