NOTE: These output modules only work with the Power Vector Series

ANS1R - Ambient Noise Sensor

Ambient Noise Sensor

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  • Maximum gain control
  • Ramp speed
  • Activity threshold control
  • AUX level input control
  • Stereo unbalanced Aux inputs (electronically summed mono)
  • Connect up to 4 sensor mics (1 included)
  • RCA connectors
ANS500M - Sensor Microphone

Sensor Microphone

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  • One included with ANS1R
  • Install up to 2000 ft. from control unit
  • Wire maximum of 4 in parallel
CMP1R Compressor/Limiter Output Module

Compressor/Limiter Output Module

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  • Compressor ratio control
  • Threshold control
  • Make-up gain control
  • Bypass switch
  • Unbalanced input
  • Gradual fade back from mute for unbalanced input
  • RCA connectors
PEQ1R Parametric Equalizer Output Module

Parametric Equalizer Output Module

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  • Unbalanced input
  • 4-band equalizer; 2 full parametric bands
  • Frequency control
  • 'Q' bandwidth & gain controls
  • Bass & Treble controls
  • Bypass switch
  • RCA connectors
RIO1S Relay Input/Output Module

Relay Input/Output Module

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  • Transformer-isolated, balanced line-level input
  • 600-ohm or 10k jumper selectable input impedance
  • Transformer-isolated, balanced line-level output
  • 8-ohm, 750mW output
  • Input & output level controls
  • N.O. or N.C. relay contacts
  • Screw terminals