1/4" Non Conductive Rods That Are Easy To Handle In Tight Spots

The Fiberfish (1/4" yellow rods) are non-conductive fiberglass rods available in 3' or 6' sections. Rods can be screwed together to make longer lengths for fishing wire in existing walls and attics or across drop ceilings.
With a variety of attachments*, they make fishing wire easy!

* "Bullnose" pulling tips included, other attachments sold separately *

6' FiberFish Kit
FIB107 6' FiberFish Kit 1/4” yellow rods

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The B.E.S. Manufacturing FIB107 1/4” non-conductive fiberglass rods with one 6-ft bullnose to female, two 6-ft male to female, and two 3-ft male to female threaded rods for a 24’ overall length.

3' FiberFish Kit
FIB108 3' FiberFish Kit 1/4” yellow rods

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The B.E.S. Manufacturing FIB108 1/4” non-conductive fiberglass rods with one 3-ft bullnose to female, and five 3-ft male to female threaded rods for a 18’ overall length.

FiberFish I Accessories

Bullnose Tip
FIB101 Bullnose Tip

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The BES FIB101 is a replacement pulling tip for the end of the 3’ and 6’ FiberFish yellow 1/4” rods

Fish Hook Attachment
FIB105 Fish Hook Attachment

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The BES FIB105 is a FiberFish hook attachment for use with the 1/4” yellow FiberFish rods.

Directional Tool
FIB111 Directional Tool

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The BES FIB111 directional tool is used to “walk” the 1/4” FiberFish rods over obstructions such as drop-ceiling girders, etc.

Magnet Head
FIB112 Magnet Head

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The BES Manufacturing FIB112 turns any 1/4” FiberFish rod into a magnetic pick-up tool.

Pull Ring
FIB118 Pull Ring

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The BES FIB118 is a universal pull ring attachment for the 1/4” yellow FiberFish

Ball Chain
FIB119 Ball Chain

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The BES FIB119 is a Ball Chain Tip for 1/4” Wire Fishing Kits, 6 inch ball chain on tip for use with a magnet to get thru small hard to reach holes

FiberFish Attachment Kit
FIB120 FiberFish Attachment Kit

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The BES FIB120 FiberFish attachment kit includes ball chain, Fish hook, Pull ring, Directional tool, 2 Bullnose tips and Magnetic Tip in plastic case.

Wisp Head
FIB122 Wisp Head

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The FIB122 Wisp Head is designed for running wires in cable trays and over suspended ceilings to prevent cable heads from snagging in the tray or catching on T-bars.

Screw Tip
FIB125 Screw Tip

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The BES FIB125 tip screws right in to the end of any cable, coax, speaker, Cat-5e, etc. and allows you to pull the wire with a seamless attachment and without using any tape or stripping any cable. Fits the FiberFish 1/4” series

Fiberfish Attachment Master Pack
FIB140 Fiberfish Attachment Master Pack

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The professional assortment of FiberFish tips. Kit Contains:(2) FIB101, FIB105, FIB111, FIB112, FIB118, FIB119, FIB122, FIB125 and Magnetic Retriever.