Amplified RF Products and Modulators
Amplifiers strengthen weak video signals caused by splitting the signal for multiple television installations. RF modulators offer the finest high-end features at an economical price.
IR Distribution
Infrared (IR) distribution systems allow you to hide your cable boxes, DVD players and other equipment in cabinets or closets.
Wiring Panels
Structured wiring panels are designed to be the central "brain" of the home sending signals to every room, with distribution from many audio and video sources including network and telephone.
Passive RF Products
Passive RF Products such as coax splitters are used to split a CATV or satellite signal so that it can be used for more than one device.
Power Distribution
AC Power Modules and J-Box Kits provide power to the distribution modules in a structured wiring panel.
Decora Wall Plates
Decora style keystone platforms, cable entry devices with either brushed access or open access.
Speaker Distribution
Lashen Electronics stocks a variety of speaker distribution wall plates and volume controls designed to make setting up your system easy.
Telephone Products
Structured Wiring Telephone Products including 66-clip blocks and accessories as well as wall mount 110 wiring products
Wall Plates
Wall Plates and wall plate mounting accessories, cable entrance plates, low voltage mounting brackets, and recessed mounting boxes
Voice, Data, and Video Distribution
Voice, data, and video distribution options make it simple to route telephone, data, and video throughout the home.
Keystone Inserts
Lashen Electronics carries an extensive line of keystone inserts that fit standard keystone receiving plates and surface mount keystone boxes.
Cable Management
Cable management in any structured wiring system is important to keep cables organized and easily accessed for quick identification and reorganization.