Stadium Horn Speakers
Stadium horns are ideal for directional sound distribution where full range reproduction, maximum intelligibility, and high sound pressure levels are required.
Horn Speakers & Drivers
Horn Speakers & Drivers, bidirectional speakers, paging speakers, warehouse speakers, indoor speakers, outdoor speakers, weatherproof speakers
Speaker Controls
Lashen Electronics carries stereo 8-Ohm and mono 70-Volt volume controls designed to mount in single-gang boxes.
Ceiling Speakers
Commercial in Ceiling Speakers designed to be used with Sound Systems and 70 volt distribution for Homes, Pro and Commercial installations.
Speaker Accessories
Lashen Electronics sells a wide variety of speaker accessories including, but not limited to, speaker grilles, speaker mounting brackets and transformers
Outdoor Speakers
Outdoor weatherproof speakers that can withstand the temperatures and humidity as well as direct rain while giving years of great music.
In-Wall Speakers
In-Wall Speakers offer great sound with a clean look that doesn't take up valuable room.
Surface Mount & Hanging Speakers
Indoor and outdoor hanging pendant and surface-mount speakers from Atlas Sound, Bogen, Speco Technologies and more designed for applications including foreground music, paging and public address.