Audio / Video Switchers
Audio/Video Switchers, Signal Selectors, AV Selectors. Mechanical Passive Selectors just provide signal selection without any amplification or processing.
Distribution Hubs / Amps
Distribution of RF signals with a Bi-directional RF distribution amplifier allows multiple connections to an off-air TV antenna or cable system.
Sound Masking
The primary purpose of sound masking is to provide acoustical privacy, primarily that of speech.
Video Converters
Format Converters change one signal type to another, such as from Analog to DVI, without changing the resolution. Scalers convert one signal type to another and can also change the resolution.
Video Products
Home Theater Cables and Accessories. Video Conditioners, RF Modulators, Audio Video Amplifiers and Switches. DVI and HDMI Products.
A typical 70-volt paging system has a centralized amplifier that handles voice enhancement and music reproduction and eases future system expansion.
Multi-room Audio Distribution
Speaker and audio amplifier distribution and control
Music and Input Sources
Lashen Electronics carries a large selection of CD Players and Digital Stereo Tuners that provide a reliable background music source for any sound system
Intercom Systems
Intercom Systems, Office Communications Product, Intercom System Accessories
Desktop microphones, handheld microphones, wireless microphones, microphone accessories
Mixers and Pre-Amplifiers
Microphone mixers, phono pre-amplifiers, mic-line mixers.
Voice Enhancement
Designed for classroom and lecture hall environments where RF microphone systems would soon run out of frequencies these systems use wireless, infrared technology to transmit the speaker's voice from the microphone to a receiving unit
Ceiling Speakers, Horn Speakers, Drivers, In-Wall Speakers, Outdoor Speakers, Speaker Accessories, Speaker Controls, Stadium Horn Speakers
Video Distribution
HDMI Switches and Extenders as well as HDTV Digital Bi-directional Signal Amplifiers
Office Communications
Office Communications products for all the intercoms, teleconferencing and program distribution needs of schools, businesses and institutions.
Special Electronics
Special Purpose Electronics: Ambient Noise Sensor, Voice Activated Relay, VOX, Tone Generator, Night Ringer, Talkback Amplifier, Door Phone, Attenuators, Line-Matching Transformer, SPL Meter
Telephone Paging
Telephone Paging: Telephone Paging Amplifiers, Paging System, 3-Zone Paging Module, Telephone Access Module, TAMB, PCM2000, TPU, Feedback Elimination
A-BUSĀ« Systems
A-BUS uses a single Cat5 cable to carry audio signal, system power, data and status signal from an audio source in one room to amplifiers and speakers in another.
Self Amplified Systems
With self-amplified paging technology, speakers run more efficiently, paging controllers have built-in telephone port interfaces, sound is better controlled, and an emergency page can be heard even if the speaker volume is turned off.
Portable professional megaphones, bullhorns and handheld PA announcement horns